DWC Celebrating 30 years (1987-2017)

WoodTurning 101 Classes

Woodturning 101 - September 2016 - Al Fice, Rodney Peddle and Denis Lalonde (Instructor) - Sandy Dewar
Woodturning 101 - February 2016
Kade Bolger (Teaching Assistant), Donna Panther, Maurice Roy, Brian Whiten, Pat Mawhinney, Rory Bray, Denis Lalonde. (missing from Picture Josh Vanderstelt)

WoodTurning 101 - Nov/Dec 2014
Wayne Peden, Gord Dowsley, Gord Tilly, Doug Smith, Chad Shaw and Denis Lalonde (instructor). Andrew Smith
WoodTurning 101 - Oct/Nov 2014
Wayne Whitehead (Instructor Assistant), Sam Bodor, Otto Ference, Denis Lalonde (Instructor), Morgan Dever and Ruth Moore
WoodTurning 101 - April 2014
Margo McNab, Don Mastin, Mike Beaton and Denis Lalonde (Instructor)
WoodTurning 101 - March 2014
L-R: Scott Lee, Andy Valliere, Bill Melnychuk, Wayne Pye, Denis Lalonde (Instructor) and Ron Whitbread
WoodTurning 101 - Nov 2013
L-R: Wayne Pye, Ron Cole, Andrew Smith, Denis Lalonde (Instructor), Mack Cameron, John Horner and Andrew Morgan
WoodTurning 101 - Oct 2013
L-R: Duncan Vipond, Denis Lalonde (Instructor), David Lawrence, Paul Dale (Instructor Assistant), Dave Roberts, Calvin Perry
WoodTurning 101 - Nov 2012
L-R: Rob Peros, Paul Dale (Instructor Assistant), Mike Lanthier, Keith Pateman, Cliff Dunlap, Wayne Hutchinson, Don Mcfarland,
Denis Lalonde (Instructor)
WoodTurning 101 - December 2012
L-R: Wayne Whitehead, John Horner, Allyn Todd, Denis Lalonde (Instructor), Doug Wyatt, Rick Sullivan
Woodturning 101 - January 2013
L-R: Wayne Massey, Denis Lalonde (Instructor), Don Gaudet, Art James, Ed Campbell